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Pronaca, founded in 1957, is Ecuador’s leading food production company. It employs over 7000 people making it the nation’s largest private sector employer. Pronaca is among the country’s most respected companies and has received multiple National and International awards for its Social Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.

In 1992 Pronaca founded Inaexpo with a mission to provide growth opportunities globally and take advantage of the extraordinary potential of Cultivated Hearts of Palm. Today Inaexpo is the World’s largest producer of Cultivated Hearts of Palm reaching major markets in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa.

In 2000 Inaexpo established its own US Sales office in order to be close to one of its major and most promising markets. InaexpoUSA has been instrumental in the growth and recognition of Cultivated Hearts of Palm becoming America’s market leader.